QuantiFERON–CMV is not available in the United States.
QuantiFERON–CMV is CE marked for commercial use in Europe

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The blood hasn't reached the black mark on the side of the Blood Collection Tube. Is this important? 2013 The mark on the side of the tubes indicates the 1 mL fill volume. QuantiFERON-CMV Blood Collection Tubes have been validated for volumes ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 mL. If the level of blood in any tube is not close to the indicator mark, it is recommended to obtain another blood sample.
How important is the tube mixing process? 2013 The antigen mixing process ensures even distribution of stimulating antigens to allow white blood cells to ingest and process antigen for presentation to T-cells, thus leading to IFN-ɣ secretion. It is a very important step in the QuantiFERON- CMV assay and poor mixing will lead to low and incorrect results. Mix the tubes by vigorously shaking the tubes 10 times ensuring that the entire surface of the tube has been coated with blood. Thorough mixing is required to ensure complete mixing of the blood with the tube's contents. Causing the blood to froth will not adversely affect the performance of the test. Universal blood handling precautions should be used.
Can the blood collection tubes be transported lying down? 2013 Yes. QuantiFERON-HCMV Collection Tubes can be transported lying down only after the tube mixing step has been done. The tubes should be mixed again immediately prior to being placed upright in the 37°C incubator.
At what temperature can the blood be transported to another site, or held prior to incubation at 37°C? 2013 Blood should be held and transported at Room Temperature (17°C to 27°C). Do not refrigerate the blood or place on ice.


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