QuantiFERON–CMV is not available in the United States.
QuantiFERON–CMV is CE marked for commercial use in Europe

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I have very high Nil control values? What may be the problem? 2013 Under most circumstances, the expected IFN-ɣ concentration range for the Nil control is below 8 IU/mL. If Nil control values are much greater than this, the result may be due to a technical error. In such instances judgement should be used in determining whether to re-test, and if required, it is recommended that both of the subject's plasma samples be re-assayed. If the Nil result remains high, and contamination of the sample plasma is unlikely, the Nil result is valid. A good practice is to check all Nil control values following each test to make sure they fall within, or are close to, the expected range.
How do you convert IU/mL to pg/mL of human IFN-ɣ? 2013 The potency of the International Reference Standard for Human IFN-ɣ is given in IU/mL. Desem and Jones (Clin Diagn Lab Immunol, 5, 531-536, 1998) described 40 pg/mL of human IFN-ɣ as being equivalent to 1 IU/mL.


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